35 weeks and hurting :(
KylieLyn2013 posted:
So i am 35 weeks pregnant starting tomorrow. For the last week-week and a half i have been hurting so bad in my pelvic area its killing me! i have severe cramps it feels in my lower abdomen and its this bad at night. During the days i just cant breathe but at night is when everything hits the fan! im not sure if i am having contractions this is my first baby but it sure hurts. Last night it was so bad i screamed! my hips and back hurt so bad to. If i have to use the bathroom at night i can barely walk because the pain is intense! I cant get much sleep..Can anyone help me out with what is possibly going on?
Spartan_Mommy responded:
Sounds like normal end of pregnancy symptoms to me. The baby is getting bigger and causing more pressure, which can be very painful at times. Before going to bed try taking a warm shower. Ask your doctor about any stretches you might be able to do to help ease some of the pain. Also, try going to see a chiropractor.
KylieLyn2013 replied to Spartan_Mommy's response:
Okay! Thank you. Since then, its getting more severe and regular occuring. The cramps are getting worse.. I have started to go every week so hopefully she will check me soon!
missashley1010 replied to KylieLyn2013's response:
Have you mentioned how BAD the pain is to your doctor? I am 38 weeks and feel just like you do since around 35 weeks as well. I wouldnt say my pain is as intense as yours is sounding thats why i asked if you have mentioned to your doctor how bad the pain is.