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testing positive one time for drugs during pregnancy
An_254078 posted:
If you test positive for drugs one time during pregnancy. And at deluvery will baby be taken and cps get involved?
mommyin2011 responded:
hope so! who does drugs when they are pregnant?? what a horrible start in life!
Me (30) DH (31) - DS 7/31/11 - DD 7/18/12 - BFP 3 due 2/3/14 BLUE TEAM!!
scilar_lemak replied to mommyin2011's response:
Not trying to be a bitch, but for your information a woman dose drugs when they are pregnant because the obviously have an addition to the drug. And you dont know bout someone being addicted, well let me tell you something depending on the drug it can be really hard for someone to stop using drugs. JUST TO LET YOU KNOW
An_242764 responded:
I wouldn't think that testing positive for drugs once during pregnancy will result in you losing custody of your child. But it doesn't mean that cps won't step in and monitor you more closely.

It's not smart to do drugs while pregnant because of what it can do to your child. (If withdrawal symptoms are bad on you just imagine how painful it WILL be on a new born baby.) Get the help you need now to quit. There are many different programs out there that can help. For your sake and for the health of the unborn child get some help.
mommyin2011 replied to scilar_lemak's response:
That baby didn't choose to be born to a mother that abuses (or whoever this is about) need to think of the bigger picture. that baby's' life could be ruined forever just so mom can get high. It may be hard to stop, but you just do it! Don't you dare ruin that babies life!! I HOPE CPS get called and does something about a positive drug test. No one should be able to do drugs and hurt their baby deliberately and be able to keep it! You're an adult"026act like one and take care of what you created! That poor innocent baby"026you should be ashamed!
Me (30) DH (31) - DS 7/31/11 - DD 7/18/12 - BFP 3 due 2/3/14 BLUE TEAM!!

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