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help please
An_254724 posted:
hi im 21 years old and first time pregnant. im 31 weeks and 2days.
tonight ive been getting really bad pain in my upper stomach in the middle it even hurts when i am breathing. it going around my back a bit at my ribs.
i have had a flu all week but been feeling better this week.
does anyone know what this could be or anyone suffered from this.
any information would be great.
nreyn3 responded:
I'm not sure if its related or not, I'm 32 weeks and at about 27 weeks I started feeling my little one pushing on my ribs.. it just kind of felt weird.. now shes jamming her feet in-between them and it takes my breath away. i hafta change positions and rub my belly to get her to move out of there.. im also only 5'3" idk if that matters or not for rib kicks. hopefully its just your little one moving around on you, unfortunitly for you its not a pleasant feeling!! i hope it gets better!!! good luck!
nreyn3 replied to nreyn3's response:
I just came acrossed this... definitly make sure your blood pressure is okay!!!

How to Tell if Gestational Hypertension Is Worse If you have any of these symptoms of preeclampsia, call your doctor or midwife.
  • You feel bloated, your ankles are very swollen, or your face or upper body has swelling when you wake up.
  • You have headaches, blurred vision, or sensitivity to light.
  • You have seizures or convulsions.
  • You have a severe pain under your ribs.
jessi2056 replied to nreyn3's response:
The severe pain under your ribs is usually only on the right side! I had severe preeclampsia with my daughter a little over a year ago! Now I am 30 weeks with no symptoms of pre-e what so ever yet! Wahoo! Really talk to your doctor and tell him/her about it!
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