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katienesheiwat posted:
So I've had the linea nigra for several weeks - it's not very noticable but it's definitely there...anyway, this weekend I noticed that all around my bellybutton is also dark - looks like a big bruise surrounding the area - the whole discoloration is about the size of a fist. Anyone experience this or know what it is?

thanks - Katie
katienesheiwat responded:
glitterin_pink responded:
I have no clue! Have you called your doctor yet? Does it hurt(more than normal, I know my belly button is soooo sensitive) I think I would go ahead and call if it looks concerning in case it's blood or something unusual. GL!!!
bgabert responded:
I'm just watching a baby story right now and the lady on there totally has what you are talking about!

I have absolutely NO idea what it is.... but just so you know, someone else has had it too.
tiffany841984 responded:
I have the same thing around my belly button. It's not really dark but I notice it... the circle around my belly button is the size of a golf ball. My Dr. see's my tummy every time she checks the lo's heart beat and never says anything so I guess it's okay. If it hurts or is bothersome to you I would call your doctor , hope this helps.
mcar91 responded:
I have it, too, and it's about the size of a lemon. It doesn't hurt. I did read, that the darker your skin is, the more prominent things like this are (I'm mixed). As pp said, my doc sees it and doesn't say anything about it. I also had a really "deep" belly button, so I'm not sure if that's just what the inside looked like all this time.

katienesheiwat responded:
thanks ladies - i feel better knowing i'm not the only one! It doesn't hurt and it doesn't look like its caused by anything internal (bleeding and such). I'll def. bring it up at my D/A next week.

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