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My Ob Said What?!
GigiSage posted:
Sometimes its amusing and other times it is just plain sad... I thought I would share the website though so we can all read the things that some OB's, nurses or midwives may try to say to us during labor to get us to do things their way.
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HotMomma87 responded:
omg this site is crazy! Some of the quotes are horrifying and others just make me laugh.. Here's my favorite:

"01CWell she may not have a penis, but she has a real nice place to put one."01D -OB to a father who was upset that the baby was a girl.

Are you friggin kidding me?! I can't believe ANYONE would say that! Especially an OB!
GigiSage replied to HotMomma87's response:
OMG there was another one were a med student told the mother if she switched positions for pushing that he wouldn't know where the baby was coming from!!! I thought that was funny but really sad... LOL

Some of the things medical professionals say to women to get them to do what they want are ridiculous.
Samantha_77 responded:
I can't believe the one where the OB said "well it's a good thing you are having twins, incase one dies, you still have a baby" WTH!! I can't believe anyone would even think that!
Jess102600 responded:
Some of these are just downright hilarious. I can't believe the things that come out of some people's mouths!
chickflick242000 replied to Samantha_77's response:
If my OB said that to me with me delivering twins I would stick MIL on her. It happened to MIL with DH's twin and MIL can make anyone want to cry or be super pissed! Plus then I would request immediately another doctor.
Ingawahkiki responded:
"01CIf you"019d done what I told you to do, I wouldn"019t have had to hurt you. Next time read some different books and do what you"019re told."01D -OB, after birth, explaining to mother who refused an epidural, why it was necessary to cut a 3rd degree episiotomy.

If it were me, it would be a good thing for that OB that he were already in a hospital...
GigiSage replied to Ingawahkiki's response:
I would charge him with assault.
Louise_WebMD_Staff responded:
Sigh. You led me down a rabbit hole of me saying OH NO, yuck, argh.

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