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wilburlbh posted:
before i start. i dislike the new boards! so i went to my 32 week appt. & was complaining of some pressure. my doc. did a ffn to see if it will be likely she will come within the next two weeks. & she checked my cervix by ultrasound. my cervix is really short & think & my ffn came back positive. so the next day she admitted me to the hospital to give me some meds & steroids to help baby girls lungs develop for when she comes. the also sent me home with @ home contraction prevention meds.

while i was there i ended up going into preterm labor again with contractions every 7 to 9 mins. they gave me a couple shots to stop the contractions & got sent home. next day i went back to get the second dose of steroids & everything was fine. till the next day at my follow up appt.

the meds they gave me were not working & i was still having contractions as i was in the office for my follow up so doctor gave me another ultrasound of my cervix which thinned out quite a bit more then the last time she checked. i was admitted back into l&d when my contractions were getting worse. they kept giving me shots to stop the contractions which didnt work so they changed the meds & finally got them stopped!

soo i am at home now on bed rest bored out of my mind but feeling better. i am on 32 weeks & need my baby girl to cook some more! hopefully she makes it till at least after the baby shower on march 14!

thanks for listening!
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wilburlbh responded:
i mean thin not think lOL
mommabear3502 replied to wilburlbh's response:
LO is def not ready to come out yet. She needs to stay in there at least another month!
yzzil2103 responded:
We'll be bed rest buddies LOL. I was put on bed rest last week. I have been in L&D 3 times with preterm labor and got it stopped all 3 times. I'm a little bit ahead of you at close to 36 weeks but our babies do need to hang a little longer. I have found coloring (LOL) a new thing to do. I went to Michaels and got the "designer" type coloring book and I enjoy it. I hope your LO hangs out in there longer and the bed rest works for you. Get some rest (boring I know) and find new creative things to do.

Jill_en responded:
Ugh I HATE the new boards too. Terrible..I guess WebMd wants to be the exact opposite of all of the other successful message boards out there.
I couldn't even tell it was you that posted this.

I am so sorry!! I went in last with contractions but two shots later they stopped. However, I wasn't dialating with them at all. Hang in there.
wilburlbh replied to yzzil2103's response:
yeah same here! ever since i was 27 weeks with the kidney infection i had that put me into pre term labor this pregnancy has been h.e. double hockey sticks! i hope you get better! bed rest is so boring!
cowgirlup96 replied to wilburlbh's response:
Hi I wanted to to share my story... I too have been in and out of L And D with contractions and fuid leaking. I was admitted for a short period of time I am almost 29wks and holding strong. However they believe I will be delivering between 32 and 34wks. I get 17p injections for a few more weeks. I too am on bedrest

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