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bimix versus trimix injections
mspt98 posted:
I had robotic prostatectomy on 09/11/08, started trimix penile injections after catheter came out 8 days later. Basically, the trimix injections hurt, especially if I get them up to 15 units which causes good erection. I have to try something else. Has anybody tried the bimix solutions, that don't have prostaglandin in them, do they work? do they have to be refrigerated? If this is the best there is I'll keep using smaller dosages of trimix, but does anybody know how the bimix injections work?
al-rp95 responded:
I have used Edex or Caverject (alprostadil for injection ) for a decade with no pain or problems. Note that Muse, an injectable, is also alprostadil based. It worked for me but not every time as the injection method does. Best wishes, Al
mspt98 responded:
Ah yes, I've heard about those injections, but I never looked into them because I was told they ran up to $38/injection, is that true? I don't think my insurance would pay for that. Trimix injections run about $7/injection, I'm kind of a poor guy. My insurance only pays for 6 100 mg viagra tablets/month for my "penile rehabilitation" the urologist wants me to do for 6 months. My copay is $30, and then if I pay for 2 more 100 mg tablets out of pocket its another $30, just for 2 tablets! Unbelieveable, I would think viagra would come in generic by now, its been around a long time............
al-rp95 responded: bimix/trimix info FYI! Can Compounding Pharmacist supply just alprostadil? Don't know. Al
georgew61935 responded:
Hi MSPT98,

Just FYI, If your insurance pays anything you are fortunate, I guess. I am on a plan that is partially funded by Federal Government as I am retired Fed employee. I guess Congress members think sex is not important part of a healthy life? Anyway, I am wondering if your quick turnaround from the operation to using the injection was the reason for the pain. You did try a smaller dosage? Really, I could never get the tri-mix to work and the last time it was painful. I also got impatient when it did not work and used a vacuum pump + cialis! That put me out of action for awhile

If I had my druthers, Cialis or any pill would be worth more than the gasoline I put in the tank of my SUV.

As to generic, the drug companies making these pills will fight hard to keep them from ever becoming generic. What money-makers these drugs are. Admittedly, it probably cost a fortune to develop the drugs and more to try and improve them.

Some people try and get generics from India and China. That seems to be a science though, as the variables are purity, safety, and risk of losing your money to shady operators and US Customs. I forget the names, but there are groups on Google that have plenty of information on all this.

Good luck
mspt98 responded:
I started taking the trimix injections a couple of days after my catheter came out. My operating urologist suggested it, along with small dose viagra to prevent scarring over the next 6 months. He said studies showed that men were losing their erections following prostatectomy down the road (2 years post-op) and the theory was scarring from the surgery. I have read a couple of books on the subject and that seems to be the general conclusion from the medical community. Heck, I'll be honest with you. My marriage is not the STRONGEST in the world. My wife has always wanted sex more than me and I don't want her to go into a nervous breakdown over this. Yes, I did take smaller doses of trimix and had less intense erections, which was OK but I thought it would be best to get the best erection as possible to stretch the tissues but the pain is too much. I am going to urologist on Monday for PSA test. I will ask for prescription for bimix. I was going to get generics from India or China for the extra 2 pills/month that insurance won't pay for, but like you say, you really don't know what you are getting from those places. I'll guess I'll just pay for the extra 2 pills on my own for the next 6 months to ease my conscience that I have done all I can to get back to normal, that is the best I can do..............
chrisc0127 responded:
I have used bimix for about a year. Prior to that I tried Caverject (Alprostadil) which was very painful. I switched to the bimix because it does not have the Alprostadil and it has worked just as well for me without any pain. The two drugs used are papaverine and phentolamine. The bimix does not contain alprostadil which is what causes pain and has a short half life at room temperature. Since Bimix does not contain Alprostadil it is effective without refrigeration, and some people do not refrigerate it. However, because it is mixed at pharmacy and there is some potential for bacteria invasion, the pharmacy will recommend that it be stored in a refrigerator to slow any bacteria growth and that the bottle be replaced every 30 days (how lucky do you feel).Personally. I keep the vial in the refrigerator. I require a very small dose, so one bottle can last me several months and I have done that. I have also taken unrefrigerated bimix on trips and used it after several days with no ill effects. Another site that has lots of resources for post prostatectomy issues is the chat room at - healing well dot com Good luck
cpcohen responded:
I started with Caverject, which hurt. Now I'm using a bimix (phentolamine + papaverine). No pain at all, and nice erections for about 1 hour . I'm using really small doses - 0.07 cc (7 units on an insulin syringe).

Yes, it works for me.

kenbo52253 responded:
I know it's been a while since your initial post. I do have some relevant info for you. There are men that have a reaction to one of the three ingredients in tri-mix. The typical ingredients are papaverine + phentolamine +.prostaglandine. Prostaglandine is also known as alprostadil. It is the prostaglandine that gives the reaction. I could not bear to use my tri-mix and thought I was doomed. However!! Bi-Mix (without prostaglandine) is painless. Other than the little prick (Pardon the pun) of the needle I can achieve a full natural feeling erection without the pain. Someone that does not experience a reaction to prostaglandine just can't uinderstand my relief. Bi Mix is the answer for anyone that experiences a reaction.
richlo replied to kenbo52253's response:
I also switched from caverject which was painful and I hate that needle to bimix with BD Autoinject Ease..This was god send when I read it I just fill my syringe and put in the autoinject , then point to where I want to, press the bottom and I dont even feel the needle go in..I remember I tried using Bimix with the syringe and not with autoinject and the bimix never worked...obviously im not doing it right - then I did this..and it works every single time
davejohnson61 replied to mspt98's response:
I had robotic surgery 1 yr ago. I am using viagra and pump. Am thinking of injection Dr. ask me on 1yr ck. have been reading every thing I can. To help with your viagra price. I buy from India for 1.00 a pill 100cc. I have been buying from them for 9yrs and no problem. The web sight is xlpharmacy.
nick12345 replied to chrisc0127's response:
Hi Guys, Now I understand why some of the Caverject I get do not work. I always guessed that this has something to do with temperature.
Thanks for confirming this . You know, once I contacted the manufacturer in Australia, and a chat for more the 30 minutes with their quality control people regarding this issue. They never admitted that their medicine has such "problem". Well it is not a problem really. But it is how it is and these people they were so scared to tell me or may be they do not know that alprostadil has short life time if temperature exceeds a level. I am really annoyed by this. Wasted so much money and frustration followed. It is not fair to us. Is it? Each shot costs me $16 in Australia and yet they do not have the courtesy to tell you about it. The paper which comes with the medicine in the box is so small and so much that you cannot read it. when you ring the manufacturer, they do not answer you properly. And when you buy it at the chemist shop, the chemist refuses to say anything. All they say, that the medicine date of expiry is such and such so it is all good. But may be even they do not know that the medicine will go bad sitting on their pharmacy shelves after so many days or weeks?!!
I am unemployed, and these medicine has no government support. Life must go on the normal way with your partner otherwise god knows. But how can it? If the medicine you buy is dodgy and expensive too. Can anybody advise please?

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