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Pain after prostate surgery
GlennRJ posted:
I had prostate surgery 4 weeks ago. I continue to have pain in my buttucks area when sitting. Has anyone else had such a problem for this long recovery time?
twalmart responded:
Yes. I am on 4 1/2 weeks and have had similar problems. A lot of mine had to do with how long I had foley catheter in. It is getting better. I've read that a lot of men experience this. I believe it is a matter of the attachment of the bladder to the urethra being so close to the rectum.
Basir U Tareen, MD responded:
This is not uncommon after surgery. Many men also report odd symptoms or discomfort when having bowel movements. Typically these symptoms resolve over a course of weeks and in some cases months. If the symptoms worsen or persist over the long term you may want to consult your surgeon.
MONTMKTDME responded:
I had pain the same as yours, was very frustrated, and wondered if it was ever going to go away. After 2 months it is gone. It kind of went quickly the last week. I expected to be back 100% after 2 weeks. I was wrong. To get healthy takes time, sometimes longer than others, but be patient (I heard this so many times I could spit) it will pass. Walk plenty if you can and you will notice changes. It is nice to finally be able to sit without that ache.