Rising P.S.A after surgery, radition and 6 months of hormone therpery
gibbler123 posted:
Here goes,
- Jan. 2010 had turp done because of rising psa and 4 negative biospy..psa was 13..found cancer in core of prostate..decided on surgery ..but put off till July 2010 because of work.
-July 2010 had surgery removed prostate..after surgery ..still psa of .64 doctor suggested radition..
-Sept. 2010 had 36 days of radition..found out in Nov.still had a psa of .34..
-Nov.2010 started 6 months of horomone therpery..
- April 2011 psa went done to .03..very happy..
-have been going to get psa checked every 6 months.
- Nov. 2011 psa slightly elevated to .05
- April 2012 psa is now .08..

My guestion is are these reading's really anything to be worried about..my doctor wants me to go back on hormones but I really do not want to ..he say's I must have cancer cells floating around..I am only 52 years old..
An_245012 responded:
you might want to ask your doctor to call the lab where the blood work was done and find out what test they used. one is called WHO i cant remember the other i think its called hybrid?? {not sure} if the lab used different testings that can give different readings on the psa level. I just read that online a few min ago.