financial assistance for Cialis, Viagra, etc. after prostate cancer treatment
rjorgeron posted:
Does anyone know of a legitimate, affordable source for daily cialis? I had the Nano Knife procedure done a year ago. My doctor prescribed daily cialis for me for penile rehabilitation, but my insurance refuses to pay for it because I still have a prostate. Had I had a radical prostatectomy, it would not be an issue, but because I still have it they won't pay for the prescription. I would love to be able to take this medication, but I cannot afford the full cost. if anyone else is in this predicament and have any suggestions to obtain this medication at a reasonable cost, I would appreciate it. Thanks.
billh99 responded:
If you have not already done so you can get a 30 day free sample.

Some insurance does not cover ED drugs at all. And by law it is not covered by Medicare.

But if your insurance does cover it in some cases then you can possible get it in your case.

BUT you need appeal their decision. And often multiple appeals to higher and higher levels.

And it will require cooperation from your doctor to write letters to the insurance company.
rjorgeron replied to billh99's response:
Bill, thank you for the reply. My doctor has been writing letters since June of last year. The only response from the insurance company has been that it is in process. I will keep trying.
mstevens7878 responded:
There are really a few good places online to find generic versions that are MUCH cheaper than brand name versions. There is also alot of trash and counterfit versions too, so be careful when sifting. I have been using Cialis since a prostate surgery about 2 years ago, and I have been ordering the generic version here for about a year Never any problems with shipping and they work exactly the same. I think they send free samples as well. Good luck!