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prostate cancer treatment
dislug posted:
87 years of age psa14.4 gleason score 8 started hormonol therapy, lupron, 3 month intervals. mri. body scan, spine scan indicates prostate carcinoma metastasis various locations. radiologist indicates to hold off radiation at this time.if i experience severe pain , will suggest radiation. at the present pain control hydrocodene and or tylinol

would appreciate any comment. at present time i am mobile and do all activitie
s i am new to the computer, bear with me DISLUG
Basir U Tareen, MD responded:
Hormone therpay until the PSA starts to rise. After that options will include traditional chemotherapy and a newer treatment called Provenge.

At age 87, hopefully hormonal therapy and a combination of treatments down the road can "control" the cancer and allow you to outlive it.