Day 1 of brachytherapy -So far so good
jd_day1 posted:
My appointment was this morning. I had general anesthesia so I did not feel a thing. In the recovery room, they brought me some
beverages and cookies.

I had to pass urine before I could be released. After about 1 hour, I tried to go. My stream was slow and weak with many starts and
stops. It took several minutes and was uncomfortable. I managed to pass about 3 or 4 oz. There was a small amount of blood in it which I heard was normal. The discomfort was familiar since I had a catheter and cystocope before. They gave me a prescription of vicodin for pain (as needed) and cipro to guard against infection.

I ate a normal lunch (no feelings of nausea) and started drinking water.
I was home for about an hour before I tried to urniate. There was a
few drops of red urine when I started but it cleared up. Again I had a
weak stream with many starts and stops. The discomfort was the same as in the hospital. About that time I noticed a slight burning sensation in the perineum area, so I took a vicodin as a precaution.

I conitnued to drink a lot of water. I had the urge to urinate about
every 45 min to 1 hr, I passed a few small blood clots (thin and less than 1/4" long) and there were a few drop of red at the end. I remained alert enough to check my email and was relatively pain free all afternoon.

I ate a normal dinner and continued to drink a lot of water. By
evening, my urine was clear and clot free. It still is uncomfortable, but
I expect it will be lessened in a day or two. I suspect the frequent/ sudden urge to urinate, the low flow and starts and stops will continue for a while. Since I am already on Rapiflo, I hope this will at least be

I spent the rest of the evening relaxing and watching TV. I plan to take
another vicodin at bedtime.

Like I said so far so good.
Boogalie2 responded:
JD, I am considering my options now having been recently diagnosed with early stage prostate cancer. I was interested in the BT approach. How are you now, and what was your decision tree when considering your approach?
jd_day1_rev1 replied to Boogalie2's response:
Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I was locked out of my webmd account. My new screen name is jd_day1_rev1

I hope this reply is not too late.

I had a good urologist. Based on the PSA and the DRE, he suggested a biopsy. After it was confirmed that I had PC, but
it was very treatable and slow growing. He mentioned the most common treatments, including "watching and waiting". He said there was no need to rush into any course of action.
and I could take my time to think about the options. He gave me the normal pamphlet on PC and lent me a book to use as
a reference guide. The book was very good. It explained the types and stages as well as many treatment options. At first I was overwhelmed with all the options, risks, side effects, etc.

I was confused about what to do. Fortunately I had a relative that had gone through PC a few years ago. I knew he was doing OK so I asked his advice. He said his decision was easy. He was told he had type 2, stage 1 PC (same as me) but he wanted it out right away! So he went for the surgery
to remove the prostate gland. He said he looked around to
find a surgeon who had done "hundreds" of prostate removals. He ended up going to Johns Hopkins (about 1 hr from home).
He was very happy with the result and would recommend
that surgeon.

I said I was considering brachetherapy(BT) and he said that
he knew a few guys that had BT and they used a local
radiation oncologist. Turns out that doctor is one of the
best on the East Coast and only 15 min from my home.

In the meantime, I was telling my daughter that I had PC and
she said her father-in-law had PC and had BT. So I called him. He said was very happy the way things turned out. He had
no lingering side effects, which was my major concern.

So I set up an appointment to see to local radiation oncologist.
I really liked him from the initial consult. He said he often worked with my urologist so that made the decision easier.

Once I made my decision, I started telling my close friends
and extended family about my PC. I was amazed at how
many knew someone who had PC and elected BT and were
all doing fine.

The only glitch I had was that my prostate was too large for
the BT. Both my urologist and oncologist said that was not
a big problem. I could get a Lupron shot to shrink it.

So I got a volume study to get a baseline size and
confirmation that needed the Lupron shot. After 3 mo I had
another volume study. My PG was still too large so I needed
a second shot. After another 3 mo my PG finally shrunk down
enough for the BT.

It was nearly 1 year from my diagnosis until the BT.
Part of the delay (Nov 2011 until Mar 2012) was my call.
I did not want to get my first Lupron shot until I got back from my winter vacation. The rest was 3 mo between the first and second shot, 3 mo until the second volume study, 3 more months for the Lupron to work, a month to get the 3rd volume
study and another month to get the BT.

My urologist had assured me along the way that there was
no problem with the delay based on (1) my PC type & stage
and (2) Lupron is used in chemotherapy for PC. So in a sense I was be treated as I waited.

My recommendation is to get your self a good urologist that you like and trust. Then ask around to see what others
had to say.

I did not mind waiting for the BT. I never seriously
considered radiation because I did not want to go through
multiple visits for treatment.

My urologist had told me about the side effects of the Lupron.
So if you need those as prep for the BT it is something else to consider.

I can say the my urologist was not kidding about the "hot flashes" and "temporary impotence". He said not to worry about the impotence because the Lupron would also reduce the desire for sex anyway.

Fortunately I have a very understanding and patient wife.

Sorry for the lengthy reply. Hopefully is was worth reading.

I wish you the best with whatever course of treatment you

jameshodge responded:
Good for you. I've read good reviews about Super Beta Prostate as well so I'd recommend it for relief from those symptoms and it's just good for overall prostate health.