Prostate pain following radiation
An_248855 posted:
My husband had prostate cancer. His prostate was removed robotically and radiation treatments followed for 6 weeks. Following radiation, he began to have pain in his groin area radiating up to his lower back. This has been going on now for almost a year. His doctors seem to think this will get better with time but it pains me to see him in such pain. Has anyone else had this problem following surgery and radiation?? and if so, what did you do to aleviate the pain. We have tried Tylenol, Advil and Alleve as well as prescription pain killers and nothing seems to help. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
RichardA responded:
Not having prostate removed but I will start IMRT 8 Jan 2013. Will be able to comment on my experience after 8 weeks. I pray that your husband is recovering and cancer free.
jameshodge responded:
Your doctors will know best but while you wait, you could try taking natural prostate supplements. They might alleviate the pain to some extent. Reading Super Beta Prostate testimonials makes it look like a promising option. All the best to you both.