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PSA continues to rise after Prostate Removal
Nearn posted:
02/11/2013 3.14
06/11/2012 2.40
11/30/2010 1.51
03/26/2010 1.51
06/11/2009 1.4
01/29/2008 1.20
08/26/2008 1.13
05/12/2008 0.71
03/31/2008 0.60
02/08/2008 0.46
01/02/2008 0.84
11/27/2007 surgery Robotic prostatectomy and meatal
T2bnxm. 7/b 3+4 Gleason Prostate adenocarcinoma The tumor involves both lobes of prostate Foci of perineural involvement identified. The tumor involves the left apex margin, >The non-plastic prostate tissue demonstrates foci of high grade prostate intraepithelial noeplasia and grandular hyperplasia.
Nearn responded:
What advise can you give us? Past experiences? Is Mastitis a worry at this point?
Basir U Tareen, MD responded:
So it would appear that the PSA never did nadir after surgery and there was a positive margin at the time of surgery. The rise has been relatively slow over the past 5 years which would suggest a local recurrence. Were you offered adjuvant radiation in 2008? I would recommend getting some staging studies and consider seeing a radiation oncologist to see if salvage radiation is still an option for you.

best of luck,
Dr Tareen