Prostate cancer
Bake0406 posted:
I too was diagnosed with PC. PSA went from 3.5 to 5.8 in one year, biopsy showed Gleason score of 8, and I've got my operation three days after I turn 50. Nice B-day gift, I guess. I'm coping by telling all of my buddies to get a physical, and get a PSA test...a piece of mind for me in that I feel I'm in a position to educate those that are close to me. I'm a triathlete and would never have suspected I had PC had I not been test for PSA over the past 5 years.
Bake0406 responded:
I am updating my original post. I had surgery on the 9th of April 2013. That was six days ago. Recovery is going good. Sore but feeling better with each passing day. I get the catheder out in two days. That was an adjustment, but I have gotten used to it. If you are preparing for surgery, be sure to keep the pain meds going along with the stool softener and laxatives. All three are critical. I also have used a daily does of metamusal too. You want to control the constipation. My CT scan and biopsy during surgery were both negative. And Gleason score was reclassified to a 3 and 4 versus what was first thought to be a 4 and 4. If I can help anyone reading this, let me know. I have shared my situation with 48 buddies, emphasizing the importance of annual PSA tests. A total of 38 of these guys had never heard of this test. Amazing.