Post Operative
bill6935 posted:
Had the surgery on 12 April, absolutely no pain afterward. Could not get over how weak I felt after for two weeks. Catheter was awful, removed one week after surgery. Still can not control my bladder after three weeks but some feeling in returning. I can now feel myself leaking, before I didn't feel anything but the wetness. Next visit in one week to discuss new PSA. Post biop indicated radiation would not have been an option. I have started to venture out of the house but still concerned about the leakage. Had one incident at a friends home where it got totally out of control after sitting for an hour. Wondering how long it will be until I wont have to wear a pad anymore? Would like to know how long it took for some of you.
joneil2862 responded:
I had mine on April 12th too. Ya my PCP said 6 Mos for no more leakage but surgion said 6-8 weeks for my age. I'm relatively younger 53. Only one core out of 14 positive on bioposy, so caught it early. Recovery is slower than I thought. On Cialis 5 mg once a day. let me know it this helps.