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Prostatitis or Prostate Cancer
ineedhelp996 posted:
Ok, I'm 17 this year. I have these symptoms of pain at gooch after peeing more than (1 year i guess) and the pain only happens couple of months once like (2-3 months once), I have no urge to urinate whatsoever until recently when I get the pain again. It really scares the #$%^^ outta me and I went to google to search since that day I tend to urinate more frequently not sure whether or not because I'm in 16 degree celcius air conditioned room for long hours but most of the time I stay in my room. Regardless, I tried to observe my pee but it's kinda clear I assume. It was only once that I saw its kind of cloudy. But, today I woke up and I felt a mild pain at my right side of my upper ass around the waist area, just mild pain(really mild) when I make walk, there's also pain when I stretch my body while standing. There's no pain when i sit. This scare the *&@( outta me again hope I won't get any cancer cuz im too young to die. PLEASE RESPONSE PLEASE I HAVEN"T SEEN ANY DOCTOR UNTIL NOW BECAUSE I'm TOO SHY TO DO SO THEY WOULD WANNA LOOK AT ME NAKED.
billh99 responded:
At 17 it would be very, very, very unusual to have prostate cancer, if not medically unknown.

But beside prostatitis there can be bladder problems. And there if a number of other conditions that might cause problems down there.

But over the internet we are just guessing. You really need to see a doctor.

The sooner that you go to the doctor the sooner this can be resolved.

I know that at 17 it is hard to realize, but the worry and fears is worse than any disease.
Basir U Tareen, MD responded:
You don't have prostate cancer. See your urologist and likely you have an inflammatory condition like prostatitis which can be treated.
sam1985 responded:
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21finish responded:
Hope by now you have done what has been suggested and gone in to see your doctor. If you don't have a personal doctor yet, at least go in to see someone at a clinic or urgent care place - but GO.

I understand your hesitancy to got for a check. But at the beginning you will not have to get undressed. You will have to pee in a cup for a urine sample to be analyzed. That is almost always done in private in a little room off the lab. You pee in the cup and then place it into a little cabinet. When the lab person hears the cabinet close they will get the sample for testing - so you don't even have to carry the urine across an office or the waiting room - again nothing to be shy about there. They will do a pretty quick check and be able to tell a few things right away or at least in 5 minutes or less.

You will then discuss your symptoms and the results of your pee-test with the doctor and find out what is next. If the test shows some Leukocytes and or nitrates/nitrites in your urine which is likely from what you describe, you will probably be given a prescription for antibiotics to clear up the infection. You say it has been happening off and on for several months so prepare to have the doctor give you a little good-natured but serious talk about getting yourself in to be checked more quickly. If you have a simple Urinary Tract Infection, or UTI, that can be cured very quickly. If it is prostatitis, and infection of the prostrate, it is a little more difficult but is also cured with antibiotics.

The problem with both conditions is if a guy waits too long to "man it out" the infection will not generally go away on its own. Further, it almost always makes its way up the ureters into the bladder and from there to the kidneys. When those little bugs get into the kidney things can dangerous quickly. No one want to scare you with life-threatening prediction here because we can't decide what you issue is or cure it either from this site. But, this CAN be serious. Your kidneys DO NOT REACT WELL to these bacteria. They could eventually start failing or at the very least get "cranky" and stop functioning as well. If you get to that, you will need hospitalization to get cured - if it is even possible at that stage.

So, I don't think you're going to die and you don't need to concern yourself with being seen naked. But unless you want to get into a very serious medical situation, GET TO THAT DOCTOR and have things checked out.

How do I know this you might well ask? Well, I had much the same situation developing as you. I started having the pains over a four month period. They came and went so I didn't worry too much although I knew better. Then the pains started getting much stronger and almost constant. Plus I was getting a low-grade fever and a slight back pain, a tender lower abdomen over my bladder location and finally some pain that radiated from my anus all along the "hidden" urethra all the way to the tip. I was given some very strong antibiotics and they seem to be finally clearing up the infection but I was very close myself to getting a diseased kidney. That is still a possibility due to the slight back pains I started experiencing and the length of time I have been having these symptoms.

I hope you have already gone in for the check. If not - get off your butt and DO IT.

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