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Nano Knife prostate cancer treatment
rjorgeron posted:
I am considering undergoing the Nano Knife procedure for my Prostate Cancer in June. I would love to hear from anyone who has undergone that procedure. How did it work for you and how are you doing since the procedure? I realize that only about 50 of these have been done in the US, but I like the fact that this procedure still allows for every treatment option open to me should the cancer return after the procedure; including repeating the Nano Knife. It is also a one-time outpatient procedure. The procedure itself lasts as long as the DaVinci surgery would. Anyway, I would love to hear your story if you have experience with this procedure. I will be having it performed by Dr. Jaime Wong at the Malizia Clinic in Atlanta. Dr. Wong was the 1st urologist in the US to perform the procedure on the prostate. He has also done around 35 of the 50 that have been done to-date in the US.
VER3298 responded:
Hi! My husband is also considering the Nanoknife with Dr. Wong at the Malizia Clinic, and we have also been trying to get in touch with anyone who has already had it done. I don't find very much on the net about Dr. Wong - mostly just on the Clinic's web site. I'm assuming you've talked with him? What did he say that convinced you?
Fairwind responded:
Sounds like an unproven, experimental procedure..Will your insurance pay for this or is this a cash up front type of deal?

But hey, it's your life and it's your money...Good Luck..
rjorgeron replied to VER3298's response:
I had the Nano Knife back in June of this year. Yesterday I had my 3-month checkup and my PSA is undetectable. I highly recommend this treatment. I still dribble a little, but my urinary flow is better than before the procedure according to the flow tests performed by Dr. Wong. The other side effect is that I no longer attain erections. I am working to get my insurance to pay for a pump and daily dose of cialis to take care of that issue. I am sorry for the delay in the response, but I never received a notice that I had a reply to this discussion.
billfromoregon replied to rjorgeron's response:
Wondering if you could give us an update on your condition, as I am considering this treatment as well. Also, if you could give us some info as to your situation beforehand - PSA, biopsy results, age, etc. Any info would be greatly appreciated -

Thanks -
rjorgeron replied to billfromoregon's response:
I would be happy to. I am 54 and was diagnosed last February. My PS was 6.4, up from 4.1 a year earlier. I was a Gleason 7 (3 4) with 7 of 12 positive samples. All 6 on the right lobe and 1 on the left. I chose the Nano Knife because I could keep my prostate and have it again, or choose some other form of treatment should that become necessary. I am now almost 9 months post-procedure. I have no leakage issues, but cannot achieve an erection without the use of a pump. I also no longer ejaculate and have dry orgasms. I really miss that, but at least I am cancer free. my 3-month PSA was undetectable and my 6-month one was 0.5. I will post my 9-month PSA in early March. I am feeling fine and am having no issues other than the lack of erections. I miss them, but at least I have a pump to help me out. The procedure went very smooth. I wore an in-dwelling catheter for a week post-procedure and had to catheterize myself for about another week afterwards. Not too terribly inconvenient if I do say so myself. Let me know if you need any other info.
jonastoms replied to rjorgeron's response:
I hope your psa test went well and would be interested in hearing your results.
I am considering the nano knife but was surprised to hear that you are having trouble with erections. I heard a big advantage of this procedure was that it spares the nerves because the probes can create a sharp edge and destroy only the cancer cells. Was this a problem before?
Were you told this would be a likely problem and do you know if others are having the same problem after nano knife?
Thank you for taking the time to post your experiences.
rjorgeron replied to jonastoms's response:
My PSA test went very well. My PSA was 0.3, down 2 points from December. My doctor is very pleased with my results thus far. I had ED prior to the procedure due to type 2 diabetes and being overweight. My doctor told me that this procedure would not improve my ED and would probably make it worse. You should speak with your doctor about ED after the procedure. I think that if you don't have it before, you will fare better than I did. I am unhappy about the ED, but it is better than the alternative had I not done anything about the cancer. At least I still have my prostate and there is a possibility that it will re-generate itself and possibly work again in the future. Anyway, good luck with whatever treatment you decide upon. I am not unhappy with my decision and would do it again if necessary.
dave205 replied to rjorgeron's response:
As an alternative to Nano knife yoy may want to look at MRI Targeted Focal Laser Therapy. MRI-guided Prostate Laser Ablation is an advanced, minimally invasive procedure designed to identify, target and destroy prostate tumors while sparing the healthy prostate tissues and dramatically reducing the risk of side effects like incontinence and impotence.

Phase 1 study in Toronto is complete with the following results:

Toronto Phase 1 study of MRI Targeted Focal Laser Thermal Therapy (NCT00448695)

  • Visible necrosis in MRI
  • Patients discharged same day or next day
  • No peri-operative complications and minimal morbidity
  • No impotence or incontinence at 6 months
  • Control biopsies at 6 months 67% patients free of tumor in treated area

Herzkroet responded:
Hallo rjorgeron,

what is your health situation now? What ist PSA? I think about Nanoknife, I am 57 in Germany, Gleason 3 =7 I want to have a child. How do you feel now?
I am looking for your feedback
My Mail:
rjorgeron replied to Herzkroet's response:
My latest PSA was 0.3. I am impotent and can only get erections with a pump. I only have dry orgasms. I am cancer free and have no bladder or bowel issues. I had to wear a catheter for a week after the procedure and then had to catheterize myself for about another week after the catheter was removed. I have had no issues since. I was back to working within 3 days of the procedure. I wish you luck with your procedure choice.
sam1985 replied to rjorgeron's response:
Prostate cancer is a malignant tumour that consists of cells from the prostate gland. The tumour usually grows gradually and remains confined to the gland for many years.Read more:
georgiaholt replied to rjorgeron's response:

My husband, 61 with gleason 6 is being offered the nano knife or active surveillance.

Can you please tell us your experience with the surgery? Did they use general anesthesia - was it painful?

Would you do the surgery again?

Any info you could give us, would be so greatly appreciated.

Thank you!
rjorgeron replied to georgiaholt's response:
Georgia I would be happy to provide information. The procedure was done under general anesthesia; there was some soreness in the perineum area for a couple of days and my scrotum was a little swollen, but I never felt the need to take even 1 of the pain pills provided by the doctor. I wore a catheter for 1 week post surgery and then had to catheterize myself for another week until the prostate swelling subsided. I have had no real side effects from the procedure with the exception of no longer ejaculating and not getting erections without the aid of a pump. It has been 2 years since my procedure and I would do it again if I had to. Please feel free to contact me anytime about this procedure; My email address is my username at If you and/or your husband want to talk about my experiences, I will provide my phone number to you via email. I want to wish him well in his decision; whatever it may be.

georgiaholt replied to rjorgeron's response:
A 1,000 thank yous Ray for the information!

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