Green Light Laser Prostate Cancer Treatment
JohnCareey posted:
By using the laser technology, risks such as intra-operative and post-operative bleeding, having to use a catheter for more than 24 hours, and post-operative bladder-neck contraction are virtually eliminated.When compared to other laser-based BPH treatments, such as Interstitial laser therapy (Indigo) and Holmium laser therapy (Lumenis), PVP treatment is much more effective due to the increased power of the laser being used (120 watts).This increase in power allows surgeons to literally vaporize the excess prostate tissue obstructing the bladder.
Lower-powered lasers are not as effective at removing as much of the enlarged prostate tissues and are therefore less effective.
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BillH99 responded:
As you said PVP is for BPH.

It is not a treatment for prostate cancer as you have in the title.