Salvage Radiotherapy for Patients with PSA Relapse Following Radical Prostatectomy: Issues and Challenges
Galileo1962 posted:
This is a thorough review of the current state of salvage radiation (or salvage radiotherapy), which is pelvic radiation given when PSA rises after surgery. Salvage radiation is a second curative attempt. Since up to a third of men see their PSA rise after surgery, salvage radiation is now in wide use.

Dr. Choo of Mayo Clinic in (Cancer Res Treat. 2010;42(1):1-11)goes over the definition of PSA relapse, the usefulness of various scans after recurrence, the options available to patients, and finally, a close look at salvage radiation--its efficacy and side effects. He includes a table of various studies that examined the effectiveness of salvage up to ten years out.

Click on the PDF version for a print-friendly copy. The full text of this article is free. On a personal note, I've been waiting for something like this ever since I was faced with the prospect of salvage RT. It should prove useful to many doctors and patients.
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sofialang responded:
we're in much the same situation currently, rising psa after surgery. did you have the radiation and if so, what were the side effects and how are you now?