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Misunderstanding and causing troubles
An_248487 posted:
dont know where to start,but whataver i do people nearby me misunderstanding me and spreading false information to everyone . If other dont know about somebody very fully, why we have spend time to talk about to other people, upto me everybody have their own problems and issues in their own life. Some people blaming someone for their selfish. I dont understand, i hear music a lot, mother of three, when doing my home chores, but my friend always misunderstanding. i already clearly told him, i dont have friend anymore, i have so many things in my own life, since my husband travelling i am responsible for my kids studies,cooking and everything, so many troubles, finally i started to study again.concentrating on my studies, i never spent time on shopping or anything. i like music, good stress releiver. itss always trouble, if i turn on my music or lights, but id dont care anymore. whenever i have time i work with my kids in math or music, I am perfect and my husband believes me 100 percent, i dont need worry about anyone anymore.if any suggestions to improve.thanks.
dfromspencer responded:

Maybe i'm not understanding the exact problem, here? Is this friend a neighbor? Does this friend live with you? Unless he does, there is no reason for him to complain.

Music soothes the savage beast! I heard that in a movie from long ago. It is sooooo true! Music is a great relaxer. Enjoy your music, ignore this so called friend! Nothing you do, is his/her business. You are extremely busy, and you don't need him harassing you. Tell him to take a hike.

Good luck with your schooling!

An_248487 replied to dfromspencer's response:
thanks, I don't want to hurt anybody's feelings. he is kind of neighbor, all misunderstanding. he is a kind and nice person. i am so busy with my kids,planning on a vacation to put my worries away, worries from my family in abroad,stress, anyway thank you for your advise, i am happy to have everything i need. Happy living, happy holidays!
dfromspencer replied to An_248487's response:

If you have everything you need, you are one of the lucky one's for sure! Worrying over family abroad will not help you deal with the stress. Focus on your own immediate family, and forget about that neighbor. Even well meaning neighbors can be a stress.

Perhaps one day, your family can come visit, or you visit them?
Anyway, good luck, and Happy Holidays!!!!


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