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Still wondering.
Anon_14136 posted:
I've posted once before here about a starting relationship, that is now a almost two year one.

My original post was about trusting and not being able. And that is still the problem. Except now, I have a baby and we live together.

We've been together for almost two years now and I still struggle with the trust some days. Some days I just don't feel good enough for him, that what I do is not what he wanted in someone. I worry that he is not happy and it worries me. We now have a 3 month old son. And he is wonderful, I don't think we could have asked for anything better! I feel sometimes that he is ashamed of me. That I'm not pretty enough, that I'm not good enough to hang out with his friends because I'm younger. We never do anything with other couples, we don't really go out much at all. It makes me feel likes it's me that is stopping us from doing things like that. I just started back nursing school monday, and I am currently not working through this last semester. So this leaves all the financial responsibility on him, which is also very tough for me. I feel worthless sometimes, because I can't help pay for bills and what I do at home is not good enough.

When you have a child, alot of things change. Mostly to me it seems the people that I thought would come around more, don't. The people that we're giving me baby showers, don't ask about the baby really.. and that hurts. alot. You never know how it feels until your put into the same or a similar situation.

I know this is a very random discussion, but all of this has been on my mind so much lately. I hate to put my burden onto other people talking about it. so typing it here just helps to get it off my chest.
dfromspencer responded:
You said one thing you should have known would change. Once a couple have a baby, everything changes! Other couples, that once used to come around, but have no baby of their own, will stop wanting to come around. Single friends will stop comming too. Once you have that baby, others see you as not so much fun anymore. You now have that child, and can no longer drop everything for a night out. Others actually do feel this way. Sad, but true!

This trust issue, why? Does your B.F. give you reasons to worry? It sounds like he has to work to support his family, and he does. Just because you don't have a job right now, doesn't bother him. He gets that you are going back to school, and will help you. I think you should abandon all thoughts of mistrust, and just trust him. Give it a shot, eh?

All this worry that you are not good enough, or that he wants you to be a certain way? What? Has he told you different? Has he said to you, YOU are not good enough for me? Or, has he told you that, YOU are inadequate, in some certain fashion? NO? Then you need to relax, and enjoy your life! Do those things that make you happy. Have fun with the baby, and your B.F. Make of life what you can, and stop worrying about things you cannot change!

Have you ever been called a worry wort? You worry over nothing possitive. Unless, and until your B.F. tells you something specific, relax, and enjoy! It sounds like you have a normal life, with times being as they are?

Relax, one day, those friends of yours, will have a child, then they will want to be more a part of your life again! This is just another cycle of life, might as well enjoy it, right? Especially that baby boy!!!

I wish you all the best life has to offer!!!!

iceechic responded:
could this be post partum depression?

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