In-Law Family Drama
tlkittycat1968 posted:
Just a rant.

My SIL lives with DH and me during the week. My MIL offered to help clean our house today. MIL and SIL are estranged and don't talk. Usually, SIL leaves for work around 8:30a so MIL was going to come over after 9a. Well, SIL called in sick and is all bent out of shape because MIL is there. I talked to SIL briefly last night before bed and she didn't say anything about not going to work today. This morning I left before SIL was up so I didn't see her. If I would have known SIL was going to be home, I would have let MIL or DH know and we could have rescheduled. Sigh. I hate family drama.
fcl responded:
Rant away! I bet there are times when you could slap both of them upside their heads for not being grown up enough to get along for the sake of others. Good luck for the rest of the week!
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tlkittycat1968 replied to fcl's response:
There are definitely times when I want to ask my MIL "Really?" My FIL was in the hospital for an entire weekend and neither my MIL or FIL told my SIL; she found out when DH told her. My SIL would not have visited because she knows that would not have been welcome but she would have appreciated knowing. DH was worried she'd get upset if she heard it from him but she was more upset that neither one of their parents told her.