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sunflower1943 posted:
Hi - say just wanted to say I called about that one-day a week job 2 days ago and was transferred to the CEOs voicemail. Haven't heard anything and being Friday I called today. She said they have a need for me in medical records and will be calling me in a few days.

Didn't know it would be that easy but have had 7 years of medical transcription experience but just want to work one day - anyway, I hope I can work the day I want so we shall see. My husband isn't too keen about my working but think it's just what I need - my Thursdays are very boring and want to do something to make me feel needed.

Anyway, thank you for all your support. Really, I appreciate this site and DO appreciate every one of you too!

Have a good weekend - looks like storm is coming - we sure need the moisture.

Happy Easter too everyone!!!
dfromspencer responded:
Congratulations!!! As long as this makes you happy, then it makes me happy!!! I am so glad they agreed to let you work only one day a week. I also, hope you get the day you want, Thursday. Thursdays are boring around here, also!!! LOL!!!

Thank you, for coming back, and letting us know!!! Now, get to work!!!

Happy Easter to you, and your family!!!

Leslie Becker-Phelps, PhD responded:
Congratulations! I hope you can feel good not just about getting the job, but also about you taking action to help yourself. Many people find that when they can take action in one area of life, they are then motivated to take action in other areas... who knows, you might end up with a full and engaging life?!

Please let us know how you continue to do.