Spring Can Heat Up Relationships
Leslie Becker-Phelps, PhD posted:
Warm weather is Mother Nature's invitation to get outside and get moving (e.g. hiking, biking, gardening). And, as it happens, research has shown that people often interpret physical arousal as physical attraction — even if that is not the original reason for the arousal. So, spending time outside doing something physical with your partner (or prospective partner) can increase your attraction for each other.

Is this something you've been aware of? What are ways that you and your partner enjoy the outside that also seem to add to your love life?

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dfromspencer responded:
Hi, Dr. Leslie

I've been getting out and about lately, and enjoying the weather. I've actually met someone. I have no idea as to where this may lead, but who knows??? I may be able to answer your question better, later?

As for what I did to enhance my relationships outdoors, I loved camping the best! It lets the two of you be all alone in a tent, in the middle of no-where. How romantic!!! Just you two, the fire, and love!!! I miss that, so, hopefully soon???

Thanks Dr. Leslie, you always have such awesome questions!

Take care!