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Married men...
An_252383 posted:
Hello, everybody

well i don't know is it a problem or not... But definitely i need your opinions, tips... About 7 months ago i started to work in my new job and there he was... Masculine, presumptuous my colleague, i remember when i first saw him, i didn't saw his face, but i just turn around and felt him walking through me (yes, like in films) and that feeling - boom! During the first day in my work i noticed that he's also interested in me, so then things for quite long term was going on flirt 'base", and one day he asked me to go somewhere after work... But unfortunately i didn't said YES, i just refused, of course don't know why, because my heart was screaming desire!!!! I didn't wrote that hes married man, older than me... But i feel so good with him, attraction and everything like that... currently i feel big, big mess in my heart, because he's a little bit confused why i didn't went with him that evening... Now he acts kind and friendly, i see sympathy, but now he's cautious... I don't know what to do?? I want to know him more, but truly there is a fear about his relationship status... I don't want to be heartbroken lover... Hes ~40 i'm 24

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fcl responded:
This is actually an easy one - he's married so he's off limits.

Don't start anything. He's nearly twice your age and he made a move (don't think that him looking good wasn't staged ...) as soon as you arrived. Look, he was looking for fresh meat. He wanted to catch you before your colleagues warned you about him.

Ignore any advances he makes and look for someone who is single instead. If the man wants to date other women he should do the decent, adult thing first and divorce his wife.

Avoid him he's a predator ...
There's nothing inherently dirty about sex, but if you try real hard and use your imagination you can overcome that.
dfromspencer responded:
If you date this guy, you will lose, big time!!! First, he's married. Second, he is twice your age, he would be an old man twenty years before you. Any man that approaches another woman so fast, is probably a predator? Or, a married man, or both???

My suggestion is to stay as far away from him as you can possibly get!!! If he was an honorable man, he would divorce his current wife first, then find another love interest. Heck, if he were an honorable man like me, he would NEVER chase after another woman while married, dating, or even interested in someone else, at the time!!! AND, I would never chase after a married lady, or a girlfriend, or love interest of another guy, I don't step on anyone's toes!!! He shouldn't either!!! He is scum, leave him alone!
sluggo45692 responded:
I agree with both FCL & D. Golden rules to live by: Don't get your honey where you make your money. If their married, they belong to someone else. Your just a good time. If you have problems with that, ask yourself. "How old is my Father?" Yes, your both over 18, and there are relationships with large age differences, but that ring changes the game.

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