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why wont he tell me the truth
An_252692 posted:
cheated on my husband over a year ago. once and then 4 months later but we were broke up and not living together. however we were in and out witheachother. when he found out i told him everything i was honest about it all. well lately he has been threating me with revenge and i honestly think he has and is cheating on me. everything in my gut and heart tells me he is. he even has all the signs , all of it. and he tells me im the one who is cheating and dont i dare put it on him. its me not him... and yes i have fear of my husband getting revenge ect. in fact i am terriffied and on top of ithe has been doing some buisness with a few women. its the lies hehas been telling me getting storeies confused hiding or erasing texts , not answering his phone.,differant smells the way he acts. and i tell him im not stupied i cheated before and this is what a person does. i askhim to please please just tell me the truth and he laughs and throws itback at me.and he actslikenothing is going on. please help me. i need some advice
fcl responded:
You both need to take a long look at your marriage and ask yourselves what it means to you, how important it is to you. Do you want to make it work or are you both prepared to just throw it away?

I suggest counselling for both of you because you clearly have communication issues. You have so many doubts, suspect so many lies, want so much revenge, honestly, I doubt you can get past this without professional help...
There's nothing inherently dirty about sex, but if you try real hard and use your imagination you can overcome that.
rohvannyn responded:
With all that going on, why are you two still together? Reread what you wrote and you will find out why I'm wondering.

'Your focus determines your reality.' --QGJ
dfromspencer responded:
You need more than advice!!! You both need counseling! The communication is crap, you can't talk to someone who throws every thing back at you! Find a marriage councellor, quick! If you want to save this marriage, that is?!!!

Good luck!


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