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    Hi guys
    den51 posted:
    just dropped in to say hi/ my ability to talk real sucks right now worse then before, so i am not staying on to long. i did read what you wrote. Dennis i really dont want you upset with me. but what has happened is really getting hard to cope with. if i am not apologizing for saying something stupid, i am telling them how much trouble i am. and i do that to business people too. as far as my therapist goes. he is really been so supportive even to my son who also goes there. but he is 67 years old. they are trying to force him out. they have changed offices three times, because he cut his days down two. where we go each therapist is given 126 people per case load. as far as this state goes. they only give you two choices and the other is two far ., my heart hurts thinking about him not being around. he has really stuck by me through so much. i will miss him. time to go, thanks as always
    dfromspencer responded:
    Hi Den,

    I was just going down the list, trying to get back to you, as soon as I could! And then, here you are! Thanks for saving me from going wayyy down the list!!!

    Don't worry about how you talk! We can understand you, just fine!!! I am glad you are here! I would miss you, again, if you decide to leave here again!!! Last time, you stayed gone for a long time, we all missed you! We are glad you came back!!!

    That's so sad! What they are doing to your therapist! Then again, he is getting close to retirement, also?! Eventually, you and your son both, will have to find a new one. I know what you mean! Your therapist must be one special kind of guy, eh? He knows you, you know him, and he is supportive too? You got lucky, when you found this guy!!! Too bad, sometimes, good things, or close relationships have to come to an end?! Hopefully, the next one, will be just as good, or at least close, eh?

    So, how ya doin with that Self Talk? Commin right along, I hope? As long as you practice, and mean it, it will soon become second nature. Then you won't even realize you are doing it.

    I hope you talked to your son about your brother? Let him decide if he wants to continue a relationship with his uncle, or not? In the end, it has to be his choice, one that he can live with, right???

    Den, i'm glad we had a chance to chat! Come back soon, and we'll do it again! As always, it sure has been a pleasure talking to you!!!

    Take good care!!!


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