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falcon5 posted:
I got on celexa because of anxiety and panic attacks so that I can have a honest discusion with my husband. The house we live in is making us house poor and I haven't made good decisions on paying bills this last year. I hate confrontation it really makes me ill. So I am hoping the meds will give me a boost of confidence. I can't stop thinking about everything and how I might ruin my marraige.
dfromspencer responded:
It sounds like you have some issues to work through? Don't give up, you CAN get through this!!! I am not sure why you are having these panic attacks, or anxiety? What you are going through has ben done before, and everything came out just fine!!! There are millions of people out there that have gone through the very same things, and guess what? They all survived!!! You will too!!!

Sit down with hubby, and have a rational discussion on how to minimize your problems. Perhaps you don't really need so much house? Maybe you could sell it, and get something you guys can afford? Or, maybe you could rent a nice place, cheaper than a house payment? So you've made a few bad decisions where the money counts? You and your hubby can sit down, and talk about making out a budget? Once you have this budget, you will have to stick to it!!! It can work, there are a million ideas out there! Talk to someone who can help you, if you need to, you may have to pay someone to come in and make a budget, for you?

There, you see what I mean??? There are many many things you can do to minimize your problems!!! All you need to do, is talk this over with hubby, and make out a plan of attack, and do it! Use the internet for references, if you have to?

As for your panic attacks, and anxiety, maybe you could find a therapist who will work with you on a sliding scale??? Ask someone at your local hospital for some references to where to find them???

I want to say to you, GOOD LUCK, I know you will find the way to lesson your problems, I KNOW YOU WILL!!! Breathe, calm down, and talk it over with the hubby!!! You can accomplish anything you want, if you will only put you mind to it!!!

Best wishes

Leslie Becker-Phelps, PhD responded:
As I read about your difficult situation, 2 lines of thinking immediately come to mind.

First, I wonder if you have discussed this with your husband before and how you expect your husband to react to you bringing up this conversation. How have you historically done in talking through issues in the past? And, are there ways you can think of to bring this up that will increase the likelihood of it going well?

Second, given that you are struggling enough to need medicine, you would do well to at least consider psychotherapy. As Dennis suggested, there are places where you can get low-cost therapy if you don't have insurance to cover it. An experienced and capable therapist can help you to deal with your anxiety, panic attacks, and find ways to talk through issues with your husband.

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