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Dem51, Where are you?
dfromspencer posted:
I would like to use this space, to find Dem51? I haven't heard from her in a few days, and would like to know how she's doing?! Is everything alright? Last time we talked you were having problems with your brother, and wanting only the best for your son. Have you been able to fix that problem? If not, how can we help you, how can I help you??? If you stop writing, we no longer have a contact, and I thought we were better than that, friends even?

Come on, friends don't leave friends hangin, right? Right!!! I will keep looking in, hoping to find you, and get an update?!

Till then, I wish you only the best!!!

den52 responded:
Hi Dennis, sorry i have not been on but the email that i started was deleted after this fool would not leave me alone. ir canceled out m WebMd account. it was really sweet of you to ask. we do not talk to him much.but i have been in online fighting and being used sexual;y bu my son s dad. my therapist is mia. o thought i would be able to finish this but it is just to hard
dfromspencer replied to den52's response:
Hi Dem, I am so glad you wrote back, I was getting worried for you!!! It sounds like you have more problems now? Some fool would not leave you alone? Do you mean like a stalker, or someone you thought might be a friend? Too bad he had to spoil your e-mail program for you! That bites don't it! Well, i'm glad you got it back up and running!!!

You say you have been engaged in on-line fighting? How do you mean that? With your brother, or someone else? Then you say you are being used sexually by your son's dad? So, is this all one in the same? The one you are fighting with, is also using you sexually? I have to wonder how that can be? The only way he could use you, is if you let him in? You don't do that, do you? Not now that you don't live with him any more? If he is doing something he should not, turn him in to the police!!! You do not have to put up with that, not from him, or anyone else!!!

Your therapist is M.I.A.??? How is that? Has he retired now? If he has, wouldn't you get a replacement therapist? I'm sorry, I don't mean to be asking all those questions! It has just been so long since I last heard anything from you, you know? I guess I was worried a little?

Thanks again, for writing back! I hope things get better for you, and soon!!!


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