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    Coping continued
    Anon_11642 posted:
    There are no good points - she has been this way since birth - I am getting up in years and don't need all this stress. I retired from harvest cooking because of her also - after 37 years of doing it it was time for me to stop - having to communicate with her during harvest has been very stressful. Am getting too old for this kind of crap - Life is too short and don't know how many more years of life I have. I just want to be happy.
    dfromspencer responded:
    Well, I sure do hope you read the reply I gave, I think it is the key you search for?!

    Good luck, no matter the outcome!!!

    sunflower1943 replied to dfromspencer's response:
    Dennis - I did and do take your advice and it is good advice. I blocked the text message from my cell as well as her phone number - actually it is in my opinion called text harrassment and if this is done via email I will call my internet people and block that too. Don't know what problems are coming from doing this and guess will have to deal with that when it happens.

    Her birthday is coming up first week of Sept - I have always given her a nice gift - NONE this year - being nice to her all these years has done NOTHING. You know it is really sad because she has no close friends - her mom is alive and will be there for her and sister and brother but know the siblings dont like her and her brother even told my son I wish you good luck on your marriage but I don't know - they know their siblings like all of us do.

    I hope that I'll get to see my grandson thru my son and my husband knows that is not a concern - and really in the end as long as I see my son and grandson that's fine with me and actually makes me happy that I dont have to deal with her anymore - when she finds out I blocked her who knows what will happen but it will be a long time until she wants to text me as she is still mad now and will be mad for a very long time.

    I am glad I can post here and say what I do and know it is confidential on this site right? If it wasn't I would be in deep trouble but I am a person that cant hold in deep ugly things - I do appreciate all the people who are trying to help me - really, I truly am. I live in a small town and you have to be careful who you tell what to and I have such a hard time keeping awful things that are happening to me to myself.

    God bless you and God bless this site.
    dfromspencer replied to sunflower1943's response:
    I'm glad I could help, if even in a small way! I hope this terrible situation turns out alright, not just for you, but for her, also! Being an angry person is a horrible feeling, been there, done that! I hope she can overcome her physical disability, and become a normal person, once more?! A miserable person, wants to make everyone else, just as miserable as themselves! I feel so sorry for her, I hope she doesn't become abusive because of it?! I mean on her son, or even your son? If she is this verbally abusive with you, I can only imagine how abusive she may be with her own family?! She needs help, professional help!!!

    Never, never ever keep things bottled up inside you!!! Trust me, you will explode some day!!! No, the best thing to do is just what you are doing! Sever the lines of communication, and if nessasary, cut her out of your life, and only see your grandson through your son! That will not be easy to accept, but it might be the right thing for your sanity?

    I wish you only the best!!!

    Anon_11642 replied to dfromspencer's response:
    Thank you - am feeling blue again over this - I wish my son would talk to her but dont know if I should ask him to or not.

    Ten years is a long time - today I overate at a labor day event - I guess I was nervous about her showing up - they didn't come - now I feel awful from eating so much and blue. When I'm like this I think - if my husband were to die then I totally would be alone - dont want to go there but I think a lot. I try to stay very busy.

    Her parents were there at the labor day deal today - actually her stepdad (he doesn't like her either) - oh how I wanted to talk to her mother and ask her questions - my husband said not a good idea.

    This is why I post here - because I really don't know what to do but am doing what you advised me to do Dennis. Cutting off communication - as you know they live down the street on the corner and have to go by that corner every time I leave as I am on a culdesac.

    Hopefully, there will be better days. Glad I have friends but am trying not to bore them with my problems but they have been good listeners and feel I'm doing the right thing too with this blocking business of cellphone. One day soon she may need to text and then bang bang boom - not sure what will happen but it may take some time - could be weeks.

    Don't know what I would do without this board - as it is strictly confidential - this is the only way to have it.

    Thanks again for trying to help me - hope I can help others too some day. Blessings for everyone.

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