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An_253555 posted:
ok my husband and I have been married for 7 years we have 2 kids and I am 6 months pregnant with the 3rd. I have never turned my husband down for sex but I know sometimes he can see I don't really want to. I walked in on him watching porn on his phone and masturbating to it. After that my hormone levels went through the roof and I couldn't get enough of him. We had very loving and passionate sex 3 times this week and there is nothing that wasn't off limits in the bedroom. With that being said its been 2 days since we had sex and I found evidence that he was in the back room when he was suppose to be taking a nap before work of him masturbating. We did have two kids in the house and I would not have been able to have sex with him at that time anyway. He told me when he woke up that he had a sexual dream about me and of course I love that! However I know that he keeps watching porn and I cannot help but get offended and feel like I am not good enough for him. I'm tired of crying everytime I find out he is doing it. I told him he was allowed because I don't want him to lie to me about it. Why does he need it especially when we have sex so much! I want to believe that he doesn't care or need other women. We are very much in love so I don't understand why he is doing this all the time. Please some tell me what to do or why this is happening!!

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sluggo45692 responded:
It's not you. I'm 50 years old, was married for 19 years, and have a wonderful gf. I still masturbate. I can't tell you why, but I can tell you it's not due to a deficency in the woman I'm with. I can have sex, with a partner, twice a day and still want to more. I have to be truly exhausted to not want sex. As you said, there are times you can't have sex. He will still want it. Don't get offended. If your husband is walking down the street and sees a woman with barely enough clothes on to be legal, do you think he's not going to look. Your wrong if you think he wouldn't. Where is he going to be at the end of the day? Do you think he would be upset if you looked at another guy with lust in your eyes? Where are you going to be at the end of the day? You have 2 children and one on the way. I think he's knows where the wealth of sex is at. My ex didn't want sex when she was pregnant and I was so turned on I had to do something. Alway remember he loves you, but be honest with him. Don't scream, shout or throw things. Talk to him about your concerns. Let him know what's going on in your mind and heart. I'll bet he'll do anything to make the woman he loves and the mother of his children happy. Good Luck
rohvannyn replied to sluggo45692's response:
Porn isn't a problem unless it starts taking away significantly from your relationship. Masturbation is natural for both sexes to do, and it doesn't even mean that a person's needs aren't being met. Sometimes it's just relaxing and feels good. I wouldn't be worried about it unless it becomes an unhealthy obsession.

'Your focus determines your reality.' --QGJ
dfromspencer responded:
Its just like these other posters say! Men, we can sometimes need more than we get? That doesn't mean we are NOT satisfied with our wife, its just that we need more. Porn isn't itself bad, not unless it starts to really interfere with your lives.

I say, tell your hubby to enjoy himself, and you feel free to do the same, if the need should arise. Both of you will be so much happier. Stop worrying, its natural, and healthy!

Enjoy life together, and don't sweat the small stuff!!!

queston replied to dfromspencer's response:
What they said. I'm 49 and have been married for 26 years. There has never been a time in my life when I didn't masturbate at least occasionally. And most men are visual--we need some sort of visual stimulus to get it going.

Also, I had to laugh at your statement, "Why does he need it especially when we have sex so much!" Definitions of "so much" vary quite a bit--three times a week obviously seems like a lot to you. There are some people (regular, normal people) who would consider that their bare minimum.

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