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Vacation Negotiation
Leslie Becker-Phelps, PhD posted:
Vacation Negotiation

It's vacation time! What are you doing for vacation? How do you negotiate your family's conflicting desires to do different things (i.e. relaxing at the beach, exploring now places, time with family)? If tensions arise, how do you manage them?

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dfromspencer responded:
Wow, no one with vacation plans? That's common these days. No one can afford to take the time off, everything they once had, is now gone. No more pay raises, wages stagnant for about the last ten years or so?

Thanks to the so called job creators keeping their record proffit's, and making their workers work two or three machines at a time, so when they do get home, it is all they can do to just get by, and sleep the weekends away?!

Our legislators have let the people they are SUPPOSED to look out for, get the shaft by big business's! Our government has been bought and paid for by corporations/millionaires, billionaires, trillionaires!!!

No one can afford a vacation! What a shame!!!

I'm so sorry, Dr. Leslie!!! I know that is not what you wanted, i got carried away on the sickness of our country!

fcl responded:
There usually isn't much discussion and conflict here (I'm glad to say). OTOH, my daughters are only 11 so maybe I have that to look forward to

I'm not sure whether we'll be going away or not. To be honest, I'm so happy at home that I don't feel the need to get away. We live out in the country, have great summer weather, a big garden and a pool. We also live in a very active region (Provence) so there are things going on nearly all the year round, plus there are so many places still left to visit.

I would like to go and visit my mother in Scotland but am not sure we can afford it. We'll see how the next month or so go. IF not then we'll just go next year (we have a large loan for roof repairs that we'll finish paying in February - makes a big difference).

I signed one of my daughters (she has more vacation time than her sister and tends to just hang around the house) for a camping trip with our local community center. She'll be swimming and hiking and climbing via ferratas The campsite is in a pine forest on the edge of a lake/river. I think she'll enjoy it. Her sister will probably enjoy the peace and quiet at home (lol).
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