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Thank you
Anon_11642 posted:
Thank you both of you for responding.

A few things to know about this friend - she had a so called good friend die several years ago but when her friend was well she would say something to me like "I haven't heard from ____ in so long" - I would even then say "Why don't YOU call her."

Anyway, she had a real good friend who died years ago - apparently this friend moved to Texas - it had been a long time she told me that she talked to her - so get this - she calls her and asks her how she is doing as she got a divorce and asked her if she had any boyfriend etc and she hung up on her.

Interesting - you know you just dont go on and on for a very very long time without contacting friends that mean something to you (in my opinion). I dont have much family here and I have always cherished my friends - they are very important to me.

But this one gal said maybe she wants to embrace her "old" husband - as he is 82 I believe now - and she is 74.

But I still feel when you are "retired" she would definitely have a few minutes just for a call to me - even an email message would suffice as she got a new computer.

I am just going to do my thing and not call - not interested in calling her. If she does call me some day and she complains of not hearing from me I am going to say "the phone works both ways."

When she was working she would say when I retire we can do things together - right - LOL!!!!!!!

Another thing I hate about people in general is when they say they are going to do something like call you or whatever and then they don't. Or we got to get together for lunch and then when you call to make arrangements it doesn't work out. Hey, I know I am far from perfect but was brought up this way.

I guess I was brought up to always do the right with people and put them on a pedestal - I am finding out now at 70 years old that doing this most of my life doesn't always do the right thing. Treat people the way you want to be treated. Well, I still do as I am a christian but sorry it doesn't always work when you do it.

I am tired of being "nice" all the time to others - like my husband always says he doesn't like people because they always disappoint him. Maybe he has a point who knows. Last Xmas we decided not to exchange gifts and both happy with that. But then she brought over a bottle of wine - I told her we decided not to do this but she said that she just wanted me to have this. Thank you. It was the most awful wine I have ever tasted. It was old and sour and smelled awful.

Anyway, need to go now and work out all my venting and stress for the day. Thanks for listening to me. Sorry I made this so long.
dfromspencer responded:
Hi again,

Long? You call that long??? I guess you haven't read some of my posts? You know, those ones that are so long I have to start again in a new box? Okay, just checking? LOL!!!

I see you have finally taken our advise? The bottle of wine should have left the same taste in your mouth as does this one sided relationship? So, you now see , you should of listened to us a long time ago!

I still hope she will come around and be that close friend, if not, you are still invited to be a part of our team here. We always want people to join us here!

Thanks for sharing all of this, and do not be shy, we will be here for you, or anyone else! Anyone that needs our help is always welcomed here!

Well, sit back, and enjoy a cup of coffee, and good luck to ya!!!


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