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Staying 'Relatively' Happy During The Holidays
Leslie Becker-Phelps, PhD posted:
The key to creating a happy holiday season is to acknowledge and respect your own feelings. This can help you respond to your relationships in healthier ways, such as:

Rely on family and friends for support.

Accept family and friends as they are. At least for the time being, focus on what you value, appreciate, and respect; leaving grievances to address at another time.

Plan ahead for expected problems. Find ways to ignore, avoid, or minimize the upset from anticipated criticisms or insults.

Allow yourself to say NO. If you are asked to attend a party, work extra hours, or do some special favor, remember that you can say no (or adjust other things to make the request less onerous).

Choose to stop comparing yourself to others. Instead, recognize your strengths or positive attributes; note that those you put on a pedestal also have their weaknesses or difficulties.

Maintain your children's routine. If you have young children, make sure they eat well and sleep enough. Doing otherwise is simply asking for trouble.

Though you can't prevent fights or problems from arising, following these suggestions are at least some ways to help you create happy memories. But, of course, there are many other ways, too.

Do you have your own to share? You can read Dr. Becker-Phelps Blog Here: Staying Relatively Happy During The Hilidays!
BalconyBelle responded:
My method for happy holiday memories is sending out lots of Christmas cards and dropping off/shipping Christmas presents out early--then disappearing for a week to someplace warm & sunny & preferably tropical. It never fails.
darlyn05 responded:
Again, great insight and suggestions. I can imagine that it may be difficult for some to say 'No', when there may also be a family function, or individual that may stir things up on a regular basis, that in the spirit of the holidays they try to overlook it. All good intended, and the outcome remains the same. Troublesome.

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