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Who's Wearing The Pants?
Chris_WebMD_Staff posted:
Who is the more dominate figure in your house? Do you tend to make the decisions and be more of the deciding vote? Do you share responsibilities or does one of you tend to do more than the other?

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3point14 responded:
hehehe Everyone I know would assume it was me, but actually behind-the-scenes, my boyfriend makes like 90% of the decisions. It's not that I can't and it's not that I'm scared to or anything like that. I just trust him to. He always has our best interests at heart and he always looks out for me and if there's something I feel strongly enough I definitely make my opinion known, but he generally has last say and that's definitely how we both like it

In terms of responsibilities, we're perfectly even (for the most part) and re-evaluate a lot. We've lived together now for two years, so we've worked out a ton of the day-to-day issues that can arise. We're also both only children so we're both pretty used to having chores and whatnot so we pretty much split them up by what we like to do.
fcl responded:
We don't have a dominant figure - important things get talked over until we reach a decision or, occasionally, a compromise. We're very much a partnership on all levels (and a tag team on many of those ).
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stephs_3_kidz responded:
I would say my husband is probably more of a decision maker because he is more of a go-getter than I am. He always, always asks my opinions and would never make a major decision that he felt I wasn't comfortable with. I feel like I'm able to trust his decisions and he is comfortable trusting me as well.

I wouldn't say either of us has more responsibilities re:our family than the other. He works outside the home, we raise our 4 children together, I do the housework, he does help with dishes, cooking, laundry, he will vacuum if the floors need it. At the same time we both do yardwork/household projects. I would have to say we balance each other in many ways.

Religiously speaking, my husband does "wear the pants" in the family, he is the spiritual leader of our household and is responsible for protecting and leading us as a family. But he never makes me feel inferior.

He always lets me pick where we eat, though. LOL You gotta love the man for that.

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