What do you and your significant other like to do together?
Elizabeth_WebMD_Staff posted:
What do you and your significant other like to do together, as a couple?

Do you exercise together, go dancing, bowling, participate in any sport? What activities do you share?

3point14 responded:
M and I go to the gym together. We cook together and we clean together. We both like to watch crappy movies and make fun of 'em, and we like to party together. We like to hike together, and he gives me advice about my various crafts projects, and I help him make decisions on his video games hahaha

We really want to go swing dancing together, and we know of a place where to do it, I'm just really nervous about it.

We're also both really chatty. We talk a ton. I know that sounds silly to say as an activity, but it really is for us.
hannahmmill3r responded:
Me and my boyfriend have been a couple and living together for almost two years.

We enjoy shopping together, traveling together, going to the movies, play with our three pets together, try to play videogames together when we can, we go out on dates as often as we can.

He's working a lot often, so we try to get cozy with blankets on the couch and watch movies or go crazy over Dog the Bounty Hunter and Storage Wars marathons.

We pretty much do as many activities as we can together to maintain our bond.