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My fiance refuses to answer questions...
lissmeanstrouble posted:
Im starting this thread after leaving a comment on another thread basically saying the same thing so Im sorry if im giving off the broken record vibe....
My fiance is wonderful, I really love him so much, and have complete faith in our relationship. The only thing is, our love is very new, and we are still learning ALOT about eachother. Im sure you can never know EVERYTHING about a person, but I feel that your spouse is someone you should come pretty darn close to knowing everything about....
Hes had a vasectomy, and while he is not opposed to having it reversed at all, I wonder why he had it done in the first place, when I ask, he gives me the same short answer, and I dont feel its a sufficient explanation.
He has a twelve yr old son, and a nine year old daughter with two different women. His sons mother is really cooperative, and friendly, she jokes with me, and we have eachothers phone numbers to coordinate pick up times with the boy. We get to see him every weekend, and Im sure hes falling in love with me.
But his daughters mother refuses to let her see us. His daughter was molested by her mothers ex. And now his daughter has issues with adult men... but she has seen her dad(my fiance) since that happened, and I feel that her mom will not let her see my fiance just because of me...
I am getting married to him, and still havent gotten to meet his daughter, Id really like to meet her. I dont know what to do about that... Guess its really up to her mom.
His daughters mother is much more hateful towards him, cynical, tells him hes worthless etc...hangs up on him, wont answer his calls when he wants to talk to his daughter. I wish he would tell me what happened between them that makes her behave this way...
Again when I ask he is very dismissive. He just says shes crazy. Im looking for a story of what lead to them breaking up, and he just wont give it to me.
This weekend I finally voiced to him, that I would rather him not make racist comments about strangers, that it really offends me, and he says "ok drop it!" wouldnt even let me finish... I had thought long and hard about confronting him about this, so I told him I wasnt finished, and I kept unloading on him. When I was done, all he said was "ok Im sorry lets not talk about it anymore."
I dont want him to retreat with his tail between his legs, or bottle up his opinions... I am so frustrated with his close-ended conversation I havent wanted to have sex. So he shaved off his goatee that he was so proud of, I think he thought I found him unattractive cause of the goatee when it was really his words, and lack of conversation that had me upset.
We had sex last night after a week of not having sex, which is the longest we havent had sex since weve met. I was feeling like I had an emotional release, and was being really loud, and he stopped and told me to be quiet! (we live in a duplex below my dad so he didnt want my dad to hear me even though I doubt he can hear anything!) So I started crying cause I was really enjoying our sex, and then he freakin tells me to be quiet?! So I just feel really wierd now, and feel like I need to have a talk, I just dont know where to friggin start... He was done having sex, and told me to go smoke a cigarette and feel better... I didnt even want to try to talk about it, I just wiped my tears and had a cigarette and came back to bed.

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