what do I do?
An_248148 posted:
My boyfriend was on a dating site while I was visiting him, I was going to confront the issue, and remembered I had been on a dating site while he was sleeping, only I erased the history of it, so he wouldn't know. Who am I to call a kettle black? I want to tell him the truth but don't know how to address this!
3point14 responded:
Why be in a relationship you obviously don't want to be in and your significant other doesn't want to be in it, either?
dfromspencer responded:
If you and your boyfriend, are both looking elsewhere, why be together? Obviously, you do not love him. If you did, you would not be looking for someone else. And the same goes for him.

If, on the other hand, you were both "just" being curious, and you both love each other dearly, then you have to bring this out in the open, and discuss it! You can bring it up by saying "i see you were on a dating site, i was on one the other night while you were sleeping". "What does this mean, and where does that leave us"? "I love you, and i am pretty sure you love me, so, how do we fix this"?

Give it a try, and let us know how it goes, Dennis
godess72 replied to dfromspencer's response:
Thank you, Dennis
We do love each other, and for me it was just a curiosity, I didn't get any other feeling but that from him also. Ours is a LD relationship, It was my guilt! Thanks for the suggestion. Will keep you posted.