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StacyVaughn posted:
In my opinion, when you love someone and they are "the one" you accept them, with all their imperfections, but see them perfectly. Some of those imperfections might be more endearing to you. Example, when people have darker pigmented skin on their eyelids. To them it's an insecurity, to me it's more like a natural eye shadow, and I find it attractive. I've found when I'm in a relationship, the little "not as attractive things" about them, I always end up finding the most attractive. I'm not sure why, I guess cause its apart of them, and is what makes them, them.

I grew up with an extremely depressed mother with an extremely low self esteem. Her and my father, all though in love, haven't been intimate for a very very long time due to my mom being so uncomfortable in her own skin. Her weight has been up and down. Been at her highest weight, I remember talking to my dad. She was wanting to have all these surgeries to "improve" herself. My dad looked at me with watery eyes and said, "I have no idea what she sees in the mirror. She's beautiful just the way she is."

Maybe cause I was raised with that as an example, I feel like that's how it's suppose to be when you find the one.. Even if they're different than when you first met, over weight, loss of interest in their self image, etc. you still genuinely see them as the beautiful person you always loved.

Is this common? Is that not the case with some people, or a lot of people? Did you ever lose interest in someone, or become Unattracted to them, due to change?
An_248764 responded:
I understand, I feel the same way sometimes as your mom, but I started trying to improve myself to make me feel better. My husband tells me I'm beautiful but I don't see it and I wonder what is it he sees. We as women think that all men want trophy women because of society.

Parents need to start building the children self-esteem when young, that is where everything starts.

There was a point in our marriage I wasn't attracted to my husband but that was only because of our problems we were going through and I felt he was causing them but I always stayed faithful.

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