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    im back with more questions...
    chrissyzajac posted:
    hey all its me again (from . still been talking to the same guy. i know for a fact he really likes me and hes still sticking to if he can handle a relationship and working full time and school full time then we can be together. but my new insecurity is that i only see him about once a week if that. i know hes works a lot and needs sleep and personal time and to be able to see his other friends but i cant help but feel like he isnt trying too hard to be with me. kinda like he likes me but is kinda stringing me along cuz he likes what we have or the feeling of me liking him so much. we cuddle together, hold hands and non stop kiss, hes such a sweet heart, etc... but i want to be able to see him at least a few more days a week (if not more then at least 2 days total). i dont know if im being retarted or unreasonable or what. maybe im trying too hard for him? i dint know,. i feel like im the only one fighting for "us". i kinda just want to give up and see if he makes any moves or see how long it takes for him to notice ive stop texting/calling/trying to see him. i have been accidentally skipping my anti depressant medication si it may just be the depression talking or maybe cuz my meds make me happy maybe they make me think everythings ok. i dont know... what do you all think?
    Leslie Becker-Phelps, PhD responded:
    The link you provided didn't work, so I can only go on what you provide here. It's impossible for me to know from this how much he is or is not trying. But, before you do anything, I do suggest you get back on your anti-depressant medication. This can make all the difference in how you perceive the situation. It can sometimes change a totally black picture of things to one with shades of gray that you can work with. In the meantime, you might want to check with friends or family who know the situation better to see what their feedback is.
    chrissyzajac replied to Leslie Becker-Phelps, PhD's response:
    just realized it didnt work. it was from 2 months ago. the link is right but the only way it lets you see it is if you click in my name and go into my list of discussions and click the one that says " possible relationship"
    dfromspencer responded:
    Hi, again Chrissy

    I do remember your last post. And now with this one, things are a little clearer. You need to step back, just like you said. Wait and see how he reacts. This is important. Knowing how he reacts to missing, or not missing you, is very important to your decision making process. If he does miss you, tell him that you need more one on one time together. If he does not miss you, then you will still have an answer. Not the one you like, but an answer just the same.

    I have to say, if he loved you half as much as you do him, he would make every effort to come be with YOU. I know for a fact, that if i am "in love" with a lady, i WILL make every effort to see, and be with her!!! There is no excuse for his actions. Busy with work, yeah, busy with school, yeah, busy with friends, yeah, but not busy with the one he professes to love? Hmmmm?

    I hope you get an answer soon. But, in the mean time, take your meds!

    chrissyzajac replied to dfromspencer's response:
    got my answer.... after an entire week of not one answer he finally gets ahold of me. tell me that hes sorry for leading me on for the second time and feels really bad but doesnt want a relationship. i kinda had a feeling this would happen so im not too upset by it. yea it sucks but im not gonna spend time crying over him again. i should have taken the hint the first time. although this time he was different so thats why i was confused. but i can honestly say he does like me, just not enough to have a relationship.
    Leslie Becker-Phelps, PhD replied to chrissyzajac's response:
    So sorry for your pain. I hope it passes soon; and that you can enjoy other people and activities that make you happy.

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