Dating a Married Man
Jazmine_om posted:
Dr Phil can help enlighten you and get you off the train to nowhere.
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MarriageandFamilyClinic responded:

have to disagree with you on this one. While Dr. Phil is a legitimate doctor, he has sold himself out. Let's face it. Therapy isn't entertaining. I have sat behind a mirror for hundreds of hours watching people do therapy and it is a challenge every time to watch it. Dr. Phil does not do therapy on his show. He simply brings couples on, chews them out, makes a few laughing comments and sends them on their way. Additionally, Dr. Phil tries to sensationalize his topics (e.g. I'm dating a married man) in order to create interest. In other words, he's an entertainer just like Jerry Springer.
elle0317 replied to MarriageandFamilyClinic's response:
Regardless of what your personal opinion is of him, he does have valid points and is usually right. There is nothing on that list that I don't agree with.