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Low grade RA
pamzd posted:
I overheard my Rheumatologist dictate that I have low grade RA, and I know that it was first discovered in just one hand, actually my index finger of right my hand; he called it a possible trigger finger. I had occupational therapy on it and now it just seems to be only a little stiff. I was diagnosed a year ago and every time I hurt in my joints I am wondering if I have another affected area. Its so hard for me to tell, because I've had a couple of injurys to my left arm in the last couple of years. One injury was from work, a partial rotator cuff tear, the other was from lifting too much weight, at least I think thats what happened, and it was diagnosed as tennis elbow. Right now my elbow of my left arm hurts at night on about every boney part that touches mattress. I have started taking a new medication for the night time pain called voltaren (2 a day, 75mg)and its seems to last most of the night. We had a very bad winter where I live this year, which I thought might be a possible reason for the new joint aches, but its just sooo confusing to me because when I feel any new syptoms I wonder if I should attribute it to RA. Right now I am having occupational therapy on my tennis elbow, but ya know... I am not sure I even remember injurying it, so there again I wonder if its just RA. Nothing shows on Xray. . .actually I have a new PCM and she said the Xray just showed some like some arthritis. Am I just being a baby? But I have pain every day. . .not all day but at night and in the morning. Any answers for me???
Byroney_WebMD_Staff responded:
Dear Pamzd,

I would suggest seeking the opinion of another rheumatologist. Primary care doctors are not experts on RA or OA, and this article on Six Mistakes with RA mentions not seeing a rheumatologist as #1.

Whatever is causing your pain needs to be addressed. You deserve to feel better.

Write back and let us know how you're doing,


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