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lac85 posted:
The last time I went to my Rheumy she stated that she had just read a study that patients taking large dosages of methrotrexate (9 pills) weekly would better metabolize the medicine if they divide the dosage in half and take some in am and the rest in the evening. She suggested I do so and I just started doing it. I thought I would past it along in case anyone wanted to bring it up with their rheumy.
katie006 responded:
I will be going to my Rheumy in a couple of days..I will ask about splitting up the time to take the Methotrexate..Makes sense to me..Thanks, Katie
gofergulch replied to katie006's response:
Don't be afraid to do the methotrexate by injection. There are no side effects or nausea. It's usually taken once a week like the pills.
katie006 replied to gofergulch's response:
So far I haven't had any side effects from the methotraxate..I do think splitting up the dosage makes sense..My Humira is apparently not working like it used to..The doctor wants me to start the Remicade..Have to go to the hospital for three hours and it is given by IV..Anybody else tried the Remicade? Doctor said I would probably do very well...Katie
Taylor578 replied to katie006's response:
I am not on Remicade but on Orencia another IV infusion. For the first few doses I went every 2 weeks, now I go every 4 weeks. I have been on it for one year now and I notice a big difference in the way I feel and the way my hands and wrists look.(No more swelling) Good luck to you!
Taylor578 responded:
I too split up my Methotrexate. I take 4 in the AM and 4 in the PM because of nausea. I always take it with food, too.

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