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Help with a swollen ankle
mselizabeth1 posted:
Hi! I have mild RA (the doctors say) in my ankles. Today my right ankle started to swell up. It's not scary big yet so I'm hoping someone can tell me anything I can do tonight more then elevating it. I also put some Voltaren Gel on it about 2 1/2 hours ago. It's not painful really just uncomfortable. Any thoughts? Thanks!!
sallymander66 responded:
You can try ice or heat, whichever feels better. Epsom salt baths are soothing too.
My ankles act up when I am on my feet too much. They always feel weak, but they get puffy and more painful after a busy day.
Before the prednisone, they would get huge though.
What meds to you take for the RA?
mselizabeth1 replied to sallymander66's response:
Right now I am just using the gel I mentioned. My doctor put me on prednisone at first but it was very harsh on my stomach and since it wasn't that bad we just stuck to the gel. My RA hasn't been that bad or really painful until this whole swelling thing. It has gone down a little this morning but I can still notice it.

I will try the Epsom salts. I forgot about that. Thank you very much. I read last night that sometimes swimming in deep water helps to get things moving. Have you heard of that?
sallymander66 replied to mselizabeth1's response:
I haven't heard that. I do water aerobics and warm water arthritis classes several times a week. They help me get things moving.

I don't care for the pred - I get random hot flashes and it does upset my tummy, but for me the benefits have been outweighing the side effects.

Garlic, ginger, and tumeric are all good anti-inflammatories too. I think you can get them as a supplement as well as just using them in cooking.
mselizabeth1 replied to sallymander66's response:
I just recently moved and haven't joined a gym yet but, I am thinking now that I will for the water aerobics. I went to my pool yesterday and hung out in the deep end for awhile and it really seemed to help. When I got out the swelling was way down and today, so far, it is not bad. Going to be a super hot day so I'm going to try the pool thing again.

I just couldn't do the prednisone. Like I said, it hasn't been bad until now. I don't have a doctor in my new town yet but, I have lots of family in the area to help find one, so I will be seeing one soon.
Thanks so much for the info and tips. This is all kinda new for me and it really helps. :) And I LOVE garlic and ginger so, no problem for me to eat more!!
sallymander66 replied to mselizabeth1's response:
My husband says you can never have too much garlic....however I did prove him wrong one time. I made homemade hummus and really overdid the garlic. We couldn't even eat it!! LOL!

Keep me posted on how you are doing; I'll be praying you find a great doc on the first try!!!
Katie006 responded:
When I was first dx'ed with RA I had the swelling in my left ankle..It was very painful..My doctor sent me to a foot doctor and he gave me an injection around the ankle..The swelling was down before I got home..About three months later the ankle started to swell again..Back I went to the foot doc and another injection ..The swelling went away and hasn't come back..Been a year...Gels and etc. didn't do anything to help..Hope you feel better soon..Katie

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