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hydroxychloroquine side effects
LavShi posted:
I am on hydroxychloroquine (plaquenil) 200 mg 2 X a day, and this morning I have a shadow over part of my right eye...almost like having half a sunglass lense on...could this be a side effect of the plaquenil? I am getting my eyes check 2 Xs a year, and my eye doc said I would know if I was having a problem....anyone experienced this?
lac85 responded:
I have not experienced this. I am on the same dose. I would suggest calling your Rheumy and making an appointment to see your eye doctor. When calling the eye doctor remind them you take plaquenil and tell them your symptoms. Better to get it check out and it be nothing, than to ignore it and have it be something really important. Please let us know how it goes.
LavShi responded:
On Monday I went to the eye doctor and found out that I had a detached retina--totally unrelated to plaquenil! Now I have RA plus a detached retina to worry about! You never know what is around the corner!!!
me_n_my_4 responded:
Wow LavShi,
Sorry to hear that, how long were you on the plaquenil. Now that you have the detached retina is your RA doctor going to put you on something else? What are oyur treatment options if any regarding the detached retina? I wish you the best.
potterpot replied to me_n_my_4's response:
get off the plaguenil, the same thing happened to me along with flashes and floaters. Dr. took me off because it is a side effect. Call your rheumy.
LavShi responded:
I stopped taking the plaquenil, and I speak to my rheumy doc soon. I had a cryotherapy procedure for the detached retina, and now I am far so good. I have been on plaquenil since January....the retina specialist says that it has nothing to do with the plaquenil. I don't know what to rheumy doc will help me decide!
An_244066 responded:
my doctor just prescribed hydroxychloroquine to treat rheumatoid arthritis. i am concerned about the hair loss side effect. is this rare or frequent? thank you for your help
LavShi replied to An_244066's response:
I was only on it for 6 months...but I never had hair loss, good luck.

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