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Severe Jaw pain
charity1234 posted:
Hi there, I hope that this posts finds you all well. My question is this and I so hope that someone can help me. I am having severe severe debilating pain on both sides of my jaw. I mean this is extreme to the point where morphine sr, morphine quick release, anaprox and prednisone aren't helping. Has anyone ever had this? Please help! All i have been able to do is cry the pain is so overwhelming right now. I do have a dentist appt on wed but will callling tommorow to see if I can get an emergency appt. What do I do? this is not a toothache its the jaw both sides and its driving me nuts. If any one could help or offer advise that would be wonderful. I have looked up TMJ disorders and I am not sure about it.... :crying: :crying: :crying: :crying: :crying: :crying:
fredswife1983 responded:
Hello Charity1234, I am new here, I usually post on the fibro board. I was recently diagnosed with RA a couple of weeks ago. I have been reading here alot lately, trying to find out about this mess. I was a dental assistant for 15 years, and we used to give a muscle relaxer and tell our patients to use moist heat for TMJ problems. I also have TMJ, and thats what I do when I just can't get relief from anything else. Also, only eat soft foods for a while. I cannot chew gum because of this problem. I have suffered from this for years. I hope this helps. I know I should have started a new post about myself, but I thought I would give you some tips on your jaw hurting. I hope you get to feeling better soon. Hope you have a good night, Monique
charity1234 responded:
Hi Monique, Thank you for the reply. I went to the clinic this morning and they are admitting me into hospital to try to get this under control. I am so confused right now and dont know what to do or what to think, all I know is the pain is so bad I can't handle it. I am on morphine,prednisone, anaprox and I am still not functioning at all. I just hope that someone somewhere can tell me what's wrong with me as I am losing hope right now.
fredswife1983 responded:
Awe Charity, I am so sorry that you have to go into the hospital........but, hopefully they can find out what it going on with your jaw and help you. I will be praying they get you out of pain and can tell you whats wrong. Please don't lose hope, we are here for you. Let us know what they find out. Love and Soft Hugs, Monique

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