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micbrewski posted:
Please help. I was Dx in April. Dr. said I have Ra. I can't see him anymore due to Insurance. But any way I don't know if that's what I have. I feel pain most all of the time not constant thou. Is that normal? I feel more when I wake up and when I go to bed. Just looking for answers. I need to find a Rhumy, so I can explain thing to him. All my blood work comes back Negative. So is this all in my head?? I guess you can say I have had new Symotoms, I have been feel pain I guess you would call it the Groin, I feel pain down there the side of my Legs (insides). I guess I am looking for answers but don't know how to turn or how to ask. My hips have been hurting Alot lately. Well just thought I would throw this out there see if I am the only crazy person here.

Thank You for you input, Roxann
Scott Zashin, MD responded:
Patients with RA typically feel worse in the AM and then later in the evening. While they are active during the day they tend to feel better. While this rule of thumb certainly does not apply to all, in general if a patient complains of 45 minutes to 2hours ofr AM stiffness I think of RA, 30 minutes of stiffness or less I think of OA and 4 hours of stiffness or more I think of fibro. OA and FFM seem to get worse as the day goes on while RA tends to improve.

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