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ChefJustNThyme posted:
Hello I'm a 32 year old male that was diagnosed with R. A. over two years ago. My rheumatoligst wants to me see a pain management doctor to help get my pain under control. Every pain management doctor that I have called or seen has told me that they don't do medication treatment plans only injections. I am in a great deal of pain everyday and have a hard time just getting out of bed in the morning. I have spoken with my rheumatoligst about this and she won't prescribe any pain meds, and just keeps referring me to a pain management doctor. I don't know what to do, I am really in a lot of pain and she just keeps giving me the run around. If anybody can help me, or knows someone that can, I would really appreciate it. I live in Alexandria VA. Please help me ease the pain I am in. Thanks
redzinnia responded:
Hang on; don't despair! Rheumatologists don't want to use pain meds for long term use for fear of creating addictions. But there are things they--and you--can do. My doctor has from time to time prescribed prednisone to relieve pain. I take 5 mg/ day in the morning and it works wonders! I can only take it for 10-14 days, but that sometimes quiets the inflammation and the pain for a while. He tries other meds, too, like Lyrica, Solumedrol as an infusion and Cymbalta--all of which can be used for pain management. They won't necessarily work as there is no silver bullet of a perfect pain reliever, but they are something to try.

What you can do: Take 2700mg/day or more of Omega-3 oil to counteract the Omega-6 oil we all consume everyday. Omega-6 is an inflammitant and will make you hurt. I suggest you do some internet research on these 2 oils to understand them both and what they do to--or for--you. Give the Omega-3 up to 6 weeks to work; it works slowly, but will give you relief eventually. Don't just take 2700mg of fish oil; it has to be Omega-3. Other little, simple things I do that help: hold my hands under warm running water in the morning; take a warm shower in the morning; use a heating pad on joints that are really hurting; stretch before getting out of bed every morning; wear good shoes with thick soles and good arch supports; don't get too cold or too hot; drink a lot of water. Take a rest or a nap during the day as you can. My rheumatologist also told me to avoid eating beef and refined sugar. I researched the sugar and found that refined sugar is sugar that doesn't occur naturally--all sugar except that found naturally in food, like in fruit, and honey, maple syrup, agave syrup. So I avoid sugar, especially high fructose corn syrup, and sweeten things with honey, agave nectar or stevia/ stevia blends. (Stevia comes from a plant and has no side effects.)

I am 57, female and was diagnosed 2 years ago, although I believe I've had this for 25 years. I have the same pain issues; some days are REALLY bad and some days are tolerable. Once in a while I even have a pain-free great day! I live in the Dallas area.
mike201 responded:
I do hope your pain is better managed now. If not, and I have been through this myself, change rheumatologists. The pain is awful and I still have heaps but I manage it better this days. My doctors prescribes Oxycontin (an opiate) and Panadeine Forte together with 7.5mg of Prednisolone. I rest quite a bit and have changed my diet to only fresh vegetables, no oil, no salt or sugar and lots of fish and fruit. Yes, the opiates will be addictive but it comes down to quality of life. I accept this condition as I have severe rapid onset rheumatoid arthritis. By all means see a pain clinic or find a GP who know about pain management. I have assembled a little team of two rheumatologists, a GP and a physiologist. I have also found that Mindfulness Meditation helps to reduce pain. Take care.

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