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Diet and RA and General
naottis posted:
Does anyone have a suggested diet for RA? I have decided to cut out red meat and have reseached this. I just need to know if anyone has some set ideas? I go to the YMCA 3x's a week to fight this, i am still in denial and think i can beat this. I take 60 units once a week of metrotrexate,self inject and have just been put on meds for TB..Woohoo this has been such a ugly journey since I have been diagonsed.I have cronic pain and was told a few months ago that my RA is active under metro, so they wanted to put me into a study taking metro and enbral(sp?) I have declined!!! No more drugs in my body.I will live with this until I cannot!!! Want to change my eating habits, any ideas that are good for RA???? Thank You
3collies responded:
The best results for me were to first, do a complete elimination of foods to find what your trigger foods are. Mine are soy, nightshades, peanuts and sugar. Next is remove all glutens from your diet. Eat only fresh foods (organic if you can) and absolutely no processed foods of any kind. I've had good results but I'm also taking biologics. Good Luck.
threeravens responded:
I was diagnosed with RA about 20 years ago, although I believe I've had it longer than that. I have had several different treatments starting with Prednizone ( a steroid), Methotrexate, Remicade, Humira, and several others. At the moment I am not taking or injecting anything. My symptoms are quite mild at the moment. When it flairs, I take 3 Ibuprophen (Advil).
There are a few foods that will trigger or worsen symptoms: broccolli, organ meats (liver, heart, etc.), tomatoes, processed meats (balogna, spam, salami, etc.), booze, especially whiskey, Scotch and some wines. Keep them to a minimum. I have a small glass of red wine every night but no more and it doesn't seem to bother me. Everyone is different so experiment.
I have found over the years that stress is the one factor that affects me the most. If I keep it under control, I can keep the symptoms in check. Since I am a control freak by nature, I find it hard to let go of things I have no control over. Once you learn that trick, it all gets easier.
Keep your weight down. Execise, meditation, Yoga, swimming (in warmish water), Tai Chi, all help. And by all means, stay social. I joined a church and a book club. Stay in touch with friends, neighbors and family.
Hope this helps.
A vet
naottis replied to threeravens's response:
Thank You...your response did help.Take care

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